Innovation continues.
Competitive prices.
Maximum reliability.

This is Palletways.

Palletways SERVICE.

Palletways, the company with the fastest and greatest growth in Europe in the palletised freight sector.

Palletways Iberia is able to offer manufacturers and retailers of each region an innovative service. Rapid and efficient, with very competitive rates, thus responding to the actual growing com- petitive market. The first phase is on a national level and will later be on a European level.

This pioneering service, following the model developed in the UK with great success where it is an unquestionable leader, is based on a Central Hub situated in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. It is com- posed of a network of local (members) logistics

organisations, each with vast experience and professionalism, all of whom communicate daily with Central Hub.

The Palletways Iberia network revolves around a centrally located hub providing night trunking operations.




Every night, the hub moves into action. Sophisticated information technology processes all the relevant data for the goods collected earlier in the day by the Pallet- ways network members and sorts them into designated delivery areas within the hub When they are ready for despatch, the members return with

the loads to their local depot facilities. From here they are distributed to their final delivery points the same day or on an economy basis.